[Review] The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins

On a scale of infertility to a perfect life this book was a case solved.

I’ve never been a fan of books with fractured timelines but Paula Hawkins made it work. Told from the perspectives of Rachel Watson, Megan Hipwell, and Anna Watson, I couldn’t help but immerse myself into this suspenseful thriller.

All the characters are well developed and the ending was one I didn’t see coming. I feel in love with the writing from the very first page as I’ve always adored books written in British English because most are written in American English these days. The descriptions are vivid and accurate and I truly felt for all the girls.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense, scandal, betrayal, affairs and everything in between!

I am so excited to watch Emily Blunt  the movie and review it in comparison to the book.


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