[Review] The ExtraOrdinary Life of Heather Mason: Volume 1: The Goddess and the Rockstar by Frances P. Webber

I received a copy of this book via BookTasters in exchange for an honest review.

On a scale of extra ordinary to extraordinary this book was ordinary.

Heather Riley Mason rocked. I loved her character and all her layers but I felt as though the author could have done so much more with her.

This book needs to be read in one sitting. Every time I put this book down it was a struggle to pick it back up to continue. It’s not that it isn’t interesting, it’s just normal life and I didn’t find that very compelling.

I personally loved Justin and Heather’s characters, they are exciting and have amazing chemistry, but I often got frustrated with them and their choices. Not only that, but their relationship moved too fast for me and it was extremely difficult to keep up.

I would recommend this book to patient romance readers that like to get hot and heavy fairly quickly. This book is one that need a lot of TLC and motivation, just like Heather Mason.


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