[Review] The Beginning of Always by Marie Cole

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

On a scale of lust to love this book was pretty steamy.

And I’m just not into that. While I did admire the book’s whole idea of half-bloods which definitely could have been explored more, I wasn’t with Claire and Neil’s constant horniness which grew increasingly more annoying as the book progressed.

Marie Cole’s writing is fabulous. Her descriptions are great and the novel flows fairly well. I enjoyed some of the cuter moments between the many well developed characters. I would have loved to learn more about Damien though, he seemed pretty interesting but he was a very flat character.

Overall this book wasn’t that bad. I loved the whole idea of them being children of the Gods. It was cool to learn about Nuada, the Celtic god, and Eros, the Greek god (though I didn’t get how both could exist in the same story universe). The book could have been even more amazing if their powers and godly parentage were more prominent instead of the downplayed detail they were.


In addition, the damsel in distress scene near the end of the book was really off putting. The character’s motivations were very loose and out of the blue. I didn’t understand the whole sacrifice deal and it made everything a lot more confusing especially with it’s placement so close to the conclusion of the book.


While this book wasn’t my favourite, someone who enjoys steamy romances would definitely fall in love with Neil.



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