[Review] Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout

On a scale of kittens to Kat this book is a chocolate chip cookie held between Daemon’s teeth.

I owe Jennifer L. Armentrout a lot. Without Kat I would have never dreamed about reviewing books. Without Dee I wouldn’t wear a dress and espadrilles to garden. Without Daemon I would probably have lower standards of male perfection.

I loved every moment of this book. I’ve always wondered why Daemon is such a douchebag and I have my answer here. Buried underneath all the jackassery is a wonderful being who cares deeply about the people he loves. He just expresses it slightly differently. Like being a dick to his cute next door neighbour and forbidding his sister from making friends with said neighbour. But in the end he’s sweet, and loving, and kind. You just have to wait a looong time to get there.

Jennifer L. Armentroout’s writing is amazing as always. Reading Daemon’s point of view allowed me an amazing perspective on the events in Obsidian without the uncertainty and fear Kat’s perspective brought. Knowing how it was going to end made the book light and fun but also allowed me more time to reflect on Daemon’s motives without the anticipation of the outcome.

I recommend this book to fans of paranormal romance. Daemon Black joins Evermore’s Damen Auguste and The Vampire Diaries’ Damon Salvatore in a lovely trilogy of hot guys no one can seem to get enough of.



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