[Review] The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

On scale of Calcutta 1774 to New York 2016 this book is Honolulu 1884.

I expected a lot less from a book about time-travelling pirates. This book had me all kinds of impressed. Not only were the maps swoon worthy and the cover awe-inspiring but the words themselves leapt of the page and transported me to worlds of the past.

Nix is the cutest name ever. Short and sweet, but also strong and beautiful. The name of a true warrior just like Nixie. Her character made me long for the adventurous life of a sailor but her struggles made me grateful for the stability of my relationships here on land. Her story is a great one to get lost in for several hours but not one I’d like to live and I appreciate that greatly.

Can we talk about Kashmir, aka the hottest thief in History, for a moment? Never thought I’d be in love with a criminal. *cue the Britney Spears* This book actually made me want someone who’d love me enough to steal me jewelry I’ll never wear. He is such an amazingly complex character and I love the way the author describes him throughout the book. (Btw, does anyone know why he calls Nixie Amira or is it just one of those things I’ll have to accept?)

I would recommend this book to the fantasy, action, and historical fiction lovers because this book is an elegant combination of all of the above with just enough of drama and love for the romantics.


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