[Review] The Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig

This book is a sequel. Check out my review of the first book here.

On a scale of hell to a utopia this book is Ker-Ys .

Wow, this book is a masterpiece. The writing is phenomenal and the story line is brilliant. I definitely did not see the ending coming and I cried. Words can’t describe my love for Heidi Heilig’s writing. It truly transports you to the places she describes creating vivid  imagery and amazing mental images.

The characters in this book are complex, all with understandable motives, and relatable flaws. Kashmir, stole my heart with his Farsi and cloves (which taste great btw). I had to continuously stop reading the book to repeat aroom bash to myself while my brain had a mini-squeal fest. I absolutely adored reading his point of view because he is honestly the sweetest thing.

I recommend this book to everyone. That means you. So kick back, relax, say hipahipa, and delve into the world of time-travelling pirates.


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