[Review] By Your Side by Kasie West

On a scale of hospitals to school this book is an empty library with a hot boy.

This book made me wish to be locked in a library overnight. Books and boys. What more could any right-minded bibliophile want? Not only is Dax attractive, but he’s a Shakespeare lover. Hamlet of all plays which is my favourite. I can hear his hotness meter soaring in the background. In addition to that, any man willing to wear a friendship bracelet is a keeper if you ask me. Every single one of Dax and Autumn’s encounters was cute af.

Kasie’s writing is gloriously descriptive, making you feel as though you’re living the book right along with Autumn. Every single character is amazingly complex and exciting with relatable motives and feelings.

I would recommend this book to every single bibliophile because through it you can live out your wildest dreams.