[Review] What Light by Jay Asher

On a scale of Oregon to California this book is a long distance relationship.

I read this book back in January but I figured I’d hold off on posting the review until the holidays rolled around. Also because I know I’ll be neglecting this blog over the busy season and I don’t want to leave my favourite people in the world hanging.

When it comes to relatable books this one is as close to me as my sister. Painfully so and I kind of wish it wasn’t. Jay Asher really knows how to make me cry. With vivid descriptions and epic imagery I felt like I was right beside Sierra falling in love with Caleb. The scent of pine and the sound of Christmas carols echo through my head even now. Travelling back and forth between two cities and leaving loved ones behind is a feeling I know all too well and this book described the pain almost perfectly.

I would recommend this book to anyone missing someone for the holidays, the nomads, and the Christmas tree farmers.


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