[Review] Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

I received a copy of the book from Epic Reads in exchange for my honest opinion.

On a scale of magazine cut out letters to creepy poems this book is a major cliffhanger.

Stevie is so relatable it hurts. She’s good at getting work done until something better comes along. Then she’s good at procrastinating just like me. Not only is Stevie relatable, but you can’t help but get attached to her and her cute little quirks. You can’t help but hang on to her every word. She’s a little all over the place but in the end she knows who she wants to be and she’s a damn good detective. She’d give Nancy Drew a run for her money to be completely honest.

I have loved Maureen Johnson’s writing since The Name of the Star which I still adore. I would definitely recommend reading that book if you enjoy Truly Devious and the converse. Her writing only gets better. Not only are all her character’s realistic, they never lose sight of what they want and the many layers of plot her books contain can only be crafted by a phenomenal mind. The writing is vivid and exciting. A combination which made reading this book such a delight.

[SPOILER] I stayed up until one in the morning on a school night finishing this book. I had to know who the killer was. I needed closure, and then the ending of the book happened and I never got it. I never learned who the killer is. And that’s how you make money. You leave the reader wanting more and that’s what makes Maureen Johnson’s work so addicting. You live and die by her writing because she hooks you with her words and drags you through massive hangovers where you do nothing but wait for her next book to come out. [/SPOILER]

I would recommend this book to lovers of murder mystery, cold cases, genius kids, and romance. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.


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