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[Bookish Lifestyle] New Year, New-ish Me

6FE27DF3-2F76-4395-B0F2-378C35983450According to a survey done by Forbes, only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are kept. While I didn’t find this news shocking, like many other naïve optimists I plan on becoming a part of the elite 8%. The following New Year’s resolutions are hopefully easy enough to keep for the entirety of 2018 but challenging enough to push myself to be a better me.

Finish one book a week.

After a brief assessment of my book consumption last year, I have decided that my goal of 100 books was frankly unattainable. I was being unrealistic considering my rigorous schedule and workload. I read an abysmal 62 out of 100 books missing my goal by a wide margin. I’m setting my 2018 goal as 50 books which gives me a two book grace period because life happens.

Write a book

My current plan is to aim small. Just so I can say I did something with my life this year. Because writing is a hobby and not something I can put my life on hold for, I’m aiming for a meager 50,000 words by the end of the year. If I write 25 chapters that’s a 2000 word chapter every two weeks. Fleshed out I’m basically writing 142 words every day which is something I can easily do.

Bookstagram 3 times a month

I’ve been seriously slacking when it comes to posting photos on Bookstagram. I have only myself and my mediocre content to blame for my low follower count and embarrassingly small comments section. I’m going to turn that around this year with almost daily story check ins and more frequent posting. By posting three pictures a month, I won’t run my creativity dry and I will have a steady following. To top it all off, I’ll hopefully end 2018 with 36 more posts and a lot more bookish friends.


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