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[Bookish Lifestyle] Becoming Part of the Elite 8% of Resolution Keepers

Just doing a quick check in on my New Years Resolutions. My way of telling Forbes to kiss my pretty little behind because it’s February and I haven’t broken a single one.

Finish one book a week.

This one has been rocky. Battling school, work, and extra curricular activities has been difficult. Through many sleepless nights and rough dedication I managed to work my way through I Am Princess X and One of Us is Lying. (You can check out the reviews I wrote for those two books by clicking on the titles.) I’m running a little late on my current read Turtles All the Way Down because of finals week but I believe that my desire to be a part of the dedicated 8% is stronger than my need for sleep.

Write a book.

I’ve been blasting through this one. I currently have just north of 8,500 words written and I’m going through them quick. If you want to read the rough draft first chapter, it’s published on Wattpad here. (It’s totally free though I think you need an account to read the full thing idk.) With the way I’m going through this, I’m thinking maybe I’ll finish this book by June and get the editing done over the summer. To keep my resolution I want to work on a fanfic I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while.

Bookstagram 3 times a month.

This is the only resolutions I’ve really struggled with. Between my new fish, and homework I’ve been neglecting my Bookstagram posting. While I did get in three posts this month, I did have a personal desire to go above and beyond and get in six. Hopefully this is something I can work on and effortlessly succeed in for future months.



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