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[Bookish Lifestyle] For the Love of Squad

AA1366F1-3BDF-424B-89D4-42B4C0226593Sometimes I’ll read the occasional book that will have me wishing my group of friends were as #squadgoals as the characters I’m reading about. Here are the top three squads that invoke jealousy in the hearts of bibliophiles.

1. The Seven from The Heroes of Olympus series.

Uncle Rick really knows how to do squad. Over the course of five books he forms an unstoppable group of demi-god BFFS that I can’t help but be envious of. From the lovable Percabeth to the crazy-hot Leo, this dysfunctional group of friends is more like a family that I wish would adopt me.

2. The Shadowhunters from The Mortal Instruments

It’s not surprising that a tv show was made about this rag-tag group of individuals. Who doesn’t love the brooding Jace and the fashionably deadly Isabel. I wish I could join this awesome group of BAMFs but with my stomach for gruesome killings I’d probably faint before killing my first demon.

3. Everyone aboard the Rampion from the Lunar Chronicles

Who wouldn’t love to hop aboard the Rampion with all the characters from their favourite childhood fairy tales? Captain Thorne’s cockiness and snarky comebacks alone would have me wishing to join them in an instant. An in with this group is a near guarantee of a happily ever after.


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