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[Bookish Lifestyle] A Bibliophile’s Guide to Shopping for Purses

We all have the things we can’t leave the house without. Our phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses. For bibliophiles, the must have item is a good book. Two if you’re close to finishing the first one. Here’s the process I go through to find the perfect bag to put my things in.img_4376

  1. Pick up your favourite series. Preferably with more than three books. Don’t go overboard because ten is a little unrealistic. For me the series I go purse shopping with is the Percy Jackson and the Olympians boxed set. That’s five books. I wouldn’t recommend the Harry Potter books because they’re thick enough to account for about eleven books and need to be carried around in a trunk rather than a purse.
  2. Go to a store which sells purses. Doesn’t matter which one. I went to Marshalls for big cute purses for cheap. (I was not paid to say this btw). When my sister shops for purses she’s more of a Kate Spade kind of gal but she’s also not a big bibliophile so she only takes about two books with her.
  3. Find a purse you like that fits all the books you want in it. It may be hard, but unless you want to be caught unaware without a book, it’s the best course of action.

And there you have it, the best way to buy books. Bibliophile style.

Comment below your favourite store to purse shop. How many books can you fit in your purse?


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