[Bookish Lifestyle] The Archives in My Life

In celebration of archiving every single post on my Bookstagram (@readreviewblogrepeat), I present to you a nice couple of words on my adventure on Archive Of Our Own (AO3).

If you haven’t been to the site, it’s an amazing archive of fanfiction where you can find anything your heart desires from Natsby fanfiction (Gatsby’s parties get too wild) to some nice Harry Potter fluff (what if Hermoine was born a boy).

I started reading fanfiction and then I couldn’t stop. Gone were the days when I sat down with a good book, I was spending all my free time reading marvel fix it fics and angsty love stories.

I wrote one of my own. I’ll leave you with a link. And a good luck because once you enter the archives you don’t come out.


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