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[Bookish Lifestyle] Behind the Scenes: 5.10.18

Recently I’ve gotten into photo editing and during my brief absence from Bookstagram I took the time to harness and improve my skills. All my recent posts on Bookstagram have been heavily edited to make them unique and match them to my theme. Editing pictures is my favourite part of the Bookstagramming process because it’s when I take something that’s boring and truly spice it up and make it my own.

A lot of people have been asking me about my editing process so I’m going to take you through the routine I go through when editing photos. for Bookstagram.

img_4365To start, I take the photo, like the one shown above. I live in Seattle where it is super gloomy all the time so it’s hard to get the sunny white my theme calls for. To get the bright white of my photos I use a grow lamp (you can find them at any gardening store) that I can move around to minimize glare.

Next, I put the photo through the iPhone app PicsArt. For this particular photo I used the motion edit function shown on the right though the dispersion tool (#IDon’tFeelSoGood) is a favourite of mine. PicsArt is the easiest to use, but I sometimes change it up and use PhotoLay when I have a more complicated photo to edit.

After that, I put the photo through the iPhone app Preview where I whiten the image and add an Amaro border to match my theme. For me my theme is very if not the most important part of the processĀ  img_4367because it allows my followers to identify the picture as mine when it shows up on their feeds based on editing and filters alone.

Finally, I put the picture through Instagram where I put the Clarendon filter on it and type up a hopefully witty caption with way to many hashtags.

And there you have it! My process for posting photos using my current theme. I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at my Bookstagram. Thank you so much for reading!

Please leave a comment down below and tell me what kind of process you go through for your Bookstagram photos. Is it lengthy or short and simple. How would you define your theme? Maybe we have similar ones or maybe I can learn something new from you.


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