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[Writer’s Guide] Persistence and Editing

So I’m on a writing high. I finished my first 20k word fic about a couple months ago (which you can read here, if you’re into that sort of thing (the last chapter is nsfw), if the archives scare you, there is a tumblr post here), and I never thought I’d ever get this far in my writing.

Here are three tips for beginning writers.

  1. Inspiration – my best ideas hit when I’m in the shower, or right before bed when I have work the next morning. In these times a waterproof phone case and caffeine are my two best friends. When I’m doing a writing stint it is very common to find me sitting in the tub with my fingers flying across my screen or sitting at my computer at three am on a manic coffee and ice cream high with the impending crash of a seven o’clock shift hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles. If you find that you get the most inspiration while going on your morning run, make sure you have a pen and paper or your phone to jot them down. If while driving is when you get the best ideas, set up a system that allows you to record them without distracting yourself from the road (please don’t write and drive). Finding the time that inspiration hits you best and planning for it is the most beneficial thing you can do for a writer.
  2. Keeping the pace – the most important part of writing is not stopping once you start. After I catch hold of an idea, there is little free time I spend not writing out my plans and scheming for the best way to emotionally damage my characters and mother them. The moment you take a break to rest and do other things is the moment you lose motivation to finish writing and then spend weeks at a time suffering writers block. At the same time, you don’t want to be a slave to your writing. Making sure you stay healthy is second most important. For me, I’ve found that writing at least two thousand words a day keeps the juices flowing and allows me to keep writing without it taking up all my free time.
  3. Cheerleaders – The last and probably the most important of these three tips is your cheer squad. Fanfic writers call them betas, for more professional writers this could be your editor. This is a guy, girl, or non-binary pal who not only reads the shit out of whatever you write and makes sure it makes sense, but also motivates you to keep writing and get better. I usually introduce a beta reader when I am halfway through a fic so they can make sure I’m going in the right direction and offer me guidance with the plot. This allows them to not only help me with suggestions and improvements before I get too far off track but it also gives me a lovely support group who will cheer me on as I write. Finding these godsends are hard but doable. (On a side note, I would be happy to read and edit anyone’s work, just drop me a message.)

Hope you guys enjoyed those tips. What helpful hints do you think should be added to this list? Drop me a comment below.

Have a nice day and keep on writing!


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