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[Bookish Lifestyle] My Happiness Index

It's no doubt that happiness is largely sought out in today's society. From vices to self-help books everyone has their own opinions on how to be a more happier version of themselves. In Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index, the main character, Juniper, writes down things she's happy about on a note card every day. She doesn't… Continue reading [Bookish Lifestyle] My Happiness Index

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[Bookish Lifestyle] Behind the Scenes: 5.10.18

Recently I've gotten into photo editing and during my brief absence from Bookstagram I took the time to harness and improve my skills. All my recent posts on Bookstagram have been heavily edited to make them unique and match them to my theme. Editing pictures is my favourite part of the Bookstagramming process because it's… Continue reading [Bookish Lifestyle] Behind the Scenes: 5.10.18

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[Bookish Lifestyle] A Bibliophile’s Guide to Shopping for Purses

We all have the things we can't leave the house without. Our phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses. For bibliophiles, the must have item is a good book. Two if you're close to finishing the first one. Here's the process I go through to find the perfect bag to put my things in. Pick up your favourite… Continue reading [Bookish Lifestyle] A Bibliophile’s Guide to Shopping for Purses

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[Bookish Lifestyle] For the Love of Squad

Sometimes I'll read the occasional book that will have me wishing my group of friends were as #squadgoals as the characters I'm reading about. Here are the top three squads that invoke jealousy in the hearts of bibliophiles. 1. The SevenĀ from The Heroes of Olympus series. Uncle Rick really knows how to do squad. Over… Continue reading [Bookish Lifestyle] For the Love of Squad

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[Bookish Lifestyle] Becoming Part of the Elite 8% of Resolution Keepers

Just doing a quick check in on my New Years Resolutions. My way of telling Forbes to kiss my pretty little behind because it's February and I haven't broken a single one. Finish one book a week. This one has been rocky. Battling school, work, and extra curricular activities has been difficult. Through many sleepless… Continue reading [Bookish Lifestyle] Becoming Part of the Elite 8% of Resolution Keepers