Review Policy

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of review request emails for science fiction and fantasy books. While I have no problem promoting these kinds of books, they aren’t the kinds of books I enjoy reading and I do not feel comfortable reviewing them simply because they aren’t my cup of tea.

Some things to consider before shooting me an email asking me to review your book.

  1. If I choose to accept your book to read and review it I am required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to write in my review that I received a free copy of your book. I am not lenient when it comes to this law and I will always be honest when reviewing your book. (Though to be completely honest, I don’t think I’ve ever written a horribly negative review.)
  2. Due to my religious affiliation, I skip over all sex scenes. I’m fine with innuendos and allusions, I will not read hardcore burns my eyes kind of things. If your book has a sex scene in it, I will likely skip over it. I am just a teenager after all.
  3. I am a student. As I mentioned earlier, just a teenager. I am awake eighteen hours a day. If I am slow on the reading of your book please do not hassle me. I am trying my best. Emailing me every week or so to remind me about your book is fine, I don’t mind quickly responding to those with my thoughts on the book so far, but emailing me everyday or expecting me to finish your book in a night is not something I am capable of dealing with and I apologize for that.

If you’re still here and I haven’t scared you off yet that’s awesome! Feel free to hit the contact button and shoot me an email. It helps to include the following information in your review request.

  • How fast do you need me to review it? I can generally get it done in a less than a fortnight if I’m not too busy but again, it depends on the length of the book and topic.
  • How long do you need the review to be? My review generally range from 250 to 500 words depending on how many nice things I have to say about the book. I usually don’t mind lengthening or shortening them if you have a specific request.